“Density-aware Outage in Clustered Ad Hoc Networks” by Alperen Eroğlu

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Date(s) - 29/03/2018
4:00 pm - 5:30 pm



Density of ad hoc networks may vary in time and space because of mobile stations, sleep scheduling or failure of nodes. Resources such as spectrum will be wasted if the network is not density aware and -adaptive. Towards this aim, distributed and robust network density estimators are required. In this paper, we propose a novel cluster density estimator in random ad hoc networks by employing distance matrix. Monte-Carlo simulation results validate the proposed estimator. The accuracy of the estimator is impressive even under a high amount of distance measurement errors. We also propose a network outage model and a transmit power adaption technique that are density-aware. The results indicate the necessity of the density-aware solutions for making network performance better from capacity, coverage and energy conservation viewpoints.